The Good Guys Do It Again!
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The start of every year at Pacific Life kicks off with a handful of very special events across our main office locations in Orange County, CA, Omaha, NE, and Lynchburg, VA.  These reception events honor and recognize our hard-working volunteer group, the Good Guys!  Employees who excelled in volunteer efforts the previous year are also awarded with the Harry G. Bubb Award for Outstanding Community Service.

In 2018, in Orange County, Omaha, and Lynchburg, nearly 3,000 volunteer employees and family members contributed to 260 service projects.  Our Good Guys volunteered more than 14,500 hours to help 110 nonprofits, with projects such as helping mend books, working at galas, packing food, sprucing up landscaping, and wrapping gifts for seniors.

“The power of corporate responsibility at Pacific Life allows us to make a positive contribution in the communities in which we do business, live, and grow,” Jim Morris, chairman, president and CEO said at the Newport Beach event.  “But we cannot do this alone.  It is within the collaborative relationships and the drive of our passionate and generous employees that our community efforts really come to life and give back to our neighborhoods.”

In Newport Beach, the Bubb award was given to three outstanding individuals: Monica Fajardo, Executive Administrative Specialist, Corporate, who had 281 volunteer hours; Michele Johnson, Quality Service Coordinator, RSD, with 257.75 hours; and Catherine Paivine, Operations Document Coordinator, RSD, with 247.25 hours.

“Volunteering continues to be a part of my life I thoroughly enjoy,” said Monica Fajardo, a two time winner of the Bubb award.  “I am grateful for so many fantastic opportunities to get involved with amazing people and organizations that are inspired to make a positive change in others’ lives.  I am incredibly thankful for the Good Guys.”

The event in Aliso Viejo, hosted by Dawn Trautman, Executive Vice President of the Life Insurance Division, honored Bubb winners Will Tran, Applications Developer, LID, with 281.25 hours; and Kara Godshalk, Data Scientist, LID, who contributed 204.25 volunteer hours.

The event in Lynchburg was hosted by Ray Dinstel, Vice President of Lynchburg Operations, who awarded the Bubb to Allison Goin, Service Support Representative, LID, 48.25 hours; and gave Honorable Mention to Deborah Gibson, Supervisor Field Financial, LID, who volunteered 38 hours.

In Omaha, host Brian Woolfolk, Senior Vice President of RSD Sales and Chief Marketing Officer, awarded the Bubb to Mary Tesch, Senior Operations Training Coordinator, RSD, who had 55.25 hours; and Honorable Mention to Sonya Schindler, Senior Annuity Product Coordinator, RSD, who volunteered 36.25 hours.

“I felt all of the events not only helped the community, but also made me feel proud that I was able to contribute as well,” said Mary Tesch.  “Volunteering with Good Guys is fun, too!  You get to know your fellow employees while working hard and helping the community.”

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