Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Mission

Pacific Life is committed to creating a meaningful future for our stakeholders. This extends beyond the current generation, which is why our corporate responsibility initiatives create lasting, positive impact for our people, our communities, our customers, and our environment.


Our mission to help clients achieve financial security can only be accomplished if we have a great culture that attracts top talent who feel engaged, supported, and inspired by our purpose.

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Together with the Pacific Life Foundation, we’ve made philanthropic investments totaling more than $150 million to nonprofits over the past four decades. In addition, our volunteer programs generate thousands of hours of service to our communities every year.

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Our strong ethics, investment, and privacy programs represent our commitment to the highest standards and help ensure we’re able to keep the promises we make to our policyholders. Our investment options within our product portfolios provide choice and flexibility, including investment funds focused on ESG principles.

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Pacific Life has never been more committed to having a positive impact on our environment. We are working to protect oceans, reduce our environmental footprint, and identify investment opportunities that create a positive impact for the planet.

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Pacific Life Foundation

Together with Pacific Life, the Pacific Life Foundation has donated more than $150+ million to nonprofits during the last 39 years. We support a wide range of societal issues through our annual grant funding. Our volunteer program generates thousands of hours of service in our communities, while engaging our employees with many service opportunities both in and out of the office throughout the year. The humpback whale has been an important and iconic part of our brand since 1997. The Pacific Life Foundation has donated $17.9 million to date to help support the conservation and research of marine mammals and to improve the health of our oceans.

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