People are our greatest asset. Pacific Life is committed to ensuring that all people are treated with dignity and respect, and are proud to offer support to our employees through education, training, and a positive workplace environment.

Workforce Inclusivity

We partner with diversity-focused organizations to support a more inclusive workforce, including the Association for Wholesaling Diversity, Coalition for Equity in Wholesaling, International Association for Black Actuaries, OC Grantmakers, Organization of Latino Actuaries, The American College Center for Economic Empowerment and Equality, and the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities.

PL Connections

PL Connections, our employee resource groups, create a more diverse and inclusive workplace from the ground up, offering employees a place to build community, connection, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging. These voluntary groups have formed among commonalities of ethnicity/race, ability, gender, nationality, generation, military/veteran status, gender identity, and sexual orientation and include AAPI@PL for Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders, ALAs@PL for Latino/Hispanic Americans, Developing Professionals@PL, VIBE@PL for African-American employees, Pride@PL for LGBTQ+ employees, AMENA@PL for Middle-Eastern and North-African employees, Women@PL, and Veterans@PL.


We recognize that our employees are passionate about giving back and supporting the causes they care about the most. Whether we are matching donations they made to their favorite charity or donating to their children’s schools, we support our employees by investing in their passions.
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