Pacific Life Foundation Awards $75,000 in College Scholarships
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Five $15,000 Scholarships Given During Life Insurance Awareness Month to Students Who Lost a Parent Without Life Insurance

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The Pacific Life Foundation has awarded five $15,000 college scholarships through Life Happens ( and its annual Life Lessons Scholarship Program to aid the financial burden of students who have lost a parent without life insurance. The scholarships are part of September's Life Insurance Awareness Month, designed to help educate individuals on the importance and benefits of life insurance. Scholarships were awarded to students in communities where Pacific Life employees live and work. Recipients include Anthony Alcain, Kylie Chadwick and Kristy Zapien from California; Creighton Clewis from Nebraska; and Hannah Smith from Virginia.

“The loss of a parent thrusts children and young adults into an unimaginable new world. Losing a parent who has little or no life insurance complicates that loss, leaving them to navigate emotional devastation while facing financial hardships. Our hope is that these scholarships help shoulder some of the burden for these students and further showcase how important life insurance is as a financial tool that parents can leave their children,” said Tennyson Oyler, president of the Pacific Life Foundation.

Since 2018, the Foundation has provided $210,000 in scholarships through Life Happens. This year, more than 250 Pacific Life volunteers reviewed hundreds of scholarship applications.

Mr. Oyler continued, “The Life Lessons Scholarship Program provides Pacific Life and the Pacific Life Foundation a meaningful way to connect our employees with our company’s mission. This program helps our employees truly understand the impact that our life insurance products can have on a family’s financial future.”

Meet Pacific Life’s 2020 Life Lessons Scholarship Winners

Anthony Alcain, California

College: California State University, Fullerton
Major: Music with a concentration in Flute
Fun Fact: I am able to communicate in English, Tagalog, Kapangpangan (Filipino dialect), Spanish, and American Sign Language. I am currently learning Japanese and Korean.
Five Year Goal: In 5 years I see myself auditioning for orchestras around the world and preparing to get my D.M.A. in music.

“Thank you for choosing me to receive this scholarship. As an out-of-state student who has lost his mother and has very little contact with his father the burden of paying for college has been left to my own hands. When I received news that I’d be getting this scholarship, I felt a great burden being lifted off my shoulders. Again, thank you for helping me and all these students in need!”

Kylie Chadwick, California

College: American University’s School of Public Affairs
Major: Legal Studies with either a double major or minor in Psychology
Fun Fact: I have always been a highly musical person and not only sing, but I know how to play nine instruments!
Five Year Goal: In five years, I hope to be in the process of getting my master’s degree in psychology and living in Washington DC. I hope to be living a fulfilling and happy life surrounded by people that I love.

“There are no words to express how unbelievably grateful I am for the generous scholarship I was given by Pacific Life. This scholarship has made it possible for me to continue my education at my dream college and continue pursuing success and happiness. This opportunity Pacific Life has made possible for me is something I will forever be grateful for. Thank you to Pacific Life and all of its employees that were involved in selecting me for this scholarship and hearing my and my late father’s story. I appreciate it more than I can possibly express.”

Creighton Clewis, Nebraska

College: Metropolitan Community College
Major: Psychology
Fun Fact: I am a member of the Waccamaw Siouan Tribe in North Carolina.
Five Year Goal: When I picture myself five years from now, I see myself attending UNO as a full-time student that is still working hard for her degree in Psychology. I see myself also starting my career with a new job within the mental health field and taking part in my community.

“I would like to give thanks to Pacific Life and their employees for selecting me as a winner of the 2020-2021 Life Lessons Scholarship Program. I am extremely thankful for this reward, and I know that with his scholarship program I can now afford the education I desire, to help those in need.”

Hannah Smith, Virginia

College: Christopher Newport University
Major: Neuroscience
Fun Fact: I was a volunteer softball coach for my local middle school.
Five Year Goal: I hope to be continuing my education in medical school, researching methods to better benefit TBI patients.

“I would like to thank you for choosing me to be one of your 2020 scholarship recipients. It is a great honor to represent Pacific Life and the importance of insurance. This is more than a scholarship, it is peace of mind. I appreciate your efforts and all of the time it takes to facilitate this scholarship and I am blessed to receive it.”

Kristy Zapien, California

College: University of California, Davis
Major: Art History with a minor in Sociology
Fun Fact: Thanks to my mom, I have an interest in snowglobes and have been collecting them from cities I have traveled to. I currently have over 200 snowglobes!
Five Year Goal: I hope to have graduated with a Masters in Art History and working in a museum to create new exhibits. I also hope to be married to my boyfriend of 4 years. Most of all, I hope to be financially stable and have a trusting life insurance plan.

“I am so very grateful that I have been chosen as a scholarship recipient. This was my second time applying for the Life Lessons Scholarship and I gave up hope that I would be a recipient. But I am glad to have been proven wrong by Pacific Life and the employees that were involved in my selection. You saw me and took the time to understand my situation. You didn’t brush over my struggle or story like many others tend to do and for that, I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Pacific Life.”

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