A Back-to-School Makeover Times Three

In celebration of Pacific Life’s 150th anniversary, Pacific Life volunteers helped beautify three schools in Omaha, Orange County, and Lynchburg.

Picture this: it’s the first day back at school. As students walk through the entrance, they’re greeted by vibrant murals, beautiful gardens, a freshly decorated foyer, and many more dazzling additions to their campus.

This was the vision for the 150th Anniversary Celebration School Beautification community projects that took place at three local schools in Orange County, CA; Lynchburg, VA; and Omaha, NE over the summer. Pacific Life believes that school children deserve to learn and grow in a beautiful campus that they can take pride in.

It’s no surprise that our company is serious about children’s education. Having supported the Read Across America and 3Ts for Education programs in the past, employees, friends, and family came together again, this time to create welcoming and inspirational learning environments for more than 2,000 students.


On Saturday, July 14, 2018, 50 volunteers in Lynchburg gathered at Bass Elementary School with friends and family in tow, all eager to help out. Bass Elementary is committed to the total development of each and every child—about 94 percent of its students are Title I students.

It was with dedication and cheerful attitudes that the volunteers cleaned and painted the school’s foyer and entrance hall, stained and painted benches, sparkled up the teacher’s lunch room, planted flowers and much more.

Our employees enjoyed seeing everyone (and their kids) doing their parts, and were touched when they realized one of the young volunteers was actually a student at the school!

She loved that she got to help paint the teacher’s lounge and was so excited to tell her teachers when school started. 

Yvonne Crews, New Business Representative, also volunteered because of her personal connection to the school. For several of her nieces and nephews, Bass Elementary is their home away from home.

“This event is definitely the kind of event that allows Pacific Life to display our finest community service and the students of Bass Elementary to start each day fresh and motivated with new beginnings,” Yvonne said.

Orange County

The sun was shining on Saturday, July 21, 2018, when more than 130 Orange County volunteers gave Peters Elementary School in Garden Grove, CA a sparkling makeover.

Blacktop space was transformed into a kaleidoscope of colorful maps, keyboards, games, and paw prints. Volunteers also painted two murals, installed cups along the fence that featured the school mascots (a panda and a panther), and prepared the library for new furniture.

It was a very special (and nostalgic!) opportunity for Kenn Vu, Project Management Consultant, who had attended Peters Elementary over 25 years ago.

“What a fantastic experience and a walk down memory lane to volunteer with my son at Peters Elementary,” he said. “Our family got way more meaning out of the day than we had ever expected.”

For our youngest volunteers, being elementary students themselves, they could appreciate the work the teams were doing more than even the adults could, knowing that kids their age would benefit from our hard work was so fulfilling!


60 volunteers got up bright and early on Saturday, July 28, 2018 to spruce up Field Club Elementary School, which serves approximately 700 students. 

They beautified the school grounds, planting fresh gardens around the building and putting up murals in the fences around the playground. Inside the school, volunteers were busy filling bags with school supplies to be placed in each student’s locker for their first day of school.

“What I enjoyed most was seeing the look in the principal’s face and hearing the words she said,” said Amber Scalise, Processing Documentation Specialist. “I know if she felt the way she did I can only imagine the joy the kids will have when they return!”

Events like this that produce visible change due to physical efforts bring a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to our volunteers. Understanding the effort required to meet the needs of our community makes our employees value those that continuously give.

These hardworking volunteers were even featured on the local news: KETV-Channel 7 and WOWT-Channel 6.

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