Pacific Life Foundation Awards Ten Life-Changing College Bound Scholarships
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A total of $25,000 will be helping ten Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast students achieve success on their path to higher education

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As part of a $1.5 million, 5-year partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast College Bound program, the Pacific Life Foundation recently awarded $25,000 to ten College Bound program students in support of their higher education efforts. In addition to providing annual scholarships to program students as they move on to post-secondary education, the investment supports growing and sustaining the College Bound program for many years to come, ensuring more teens graduate high school on time and with a financially sustainable plan for higher education.

The College Bound program primarily targets at-risk Orange County youth who face high dropout rates and lack equitable access to resources, opportunities and mentors, and nearly 90% of College Bound students identify as Latino and are low-income, first-generation students. By preparing students and families for the transition of life after graduation, College Bound removes major barriers facing Orange County students who might otherwise see college as unattainable or prohibitively expensive.

The Pacific Life Foundation is honored to support ten College Bound scholars this year with a financial commitment to jumpstart their college journey. In addition to funding, several Pacific Life employees had the opportunity to meet the students and assist in the selection process. Volunteering at the annual scholarship interview panels, employees have the opportunity to hear directly from the students, learning more about how they have overcome challenges and gaining a deeper insight into their background and plans for the future.

“I am incredibly proud that Pacific Life sponsors this program and having the opportunity to interview the candidates was truly an honor. I was impressed by the candidates we interviewed; they were accomplished, driven, and full of hope for the future. Every single candidate gave credit to College Bound and their counselors for getting them to this point. It is an amazing program, doing amazing work, and I am thrilled Pacific Life helps to make it possible.” - Tiffany Gregath, Vice President, Marketing, Pacific Life

Meet Some of the Pacific Life College Bound Scholarship Students


Major: Elementary Education

“The Pacific Life Scholarship has made a difference in my life by allowing me to continue my study. This is achievable because funding has been provided to me. Their mission is to have a good impact on our communities by the power of giving, which they have already accomplished.”


Major: Political Science

“After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I plan to apply to law school in order to pursue a career in immigration law. I look forward to helping the people in my community. Being a recipient of the Pacific Life Foundation Scholarship will make a huge difference towards achieving my goal because it will allow me to cover college financial issues and give me the freedom to focus on my education.” 


Major: Psychology

In the fall I will be beginning my journey for higher education, and it excites me. I look forward to all the new people I will meet and all the new things I will learn. The Pacific Life Scholarship truly does mean a lot to me. It has helped me to feel more comfortable with the idea of attending a college financially and even allowed me to finalize what I want to study and do in the future.”


Major: Liberal Studies, Education

“The Pacific Life Scholarship will impact my life because I won't have to worry about paying all my tuition and will help me save money for other things that are needed. It also takes a lot of weight off my dad's shoulders about worrying about money. I am very lucky to receive the Pacific Life Scholarship because education is a necessity.”


Major: Criminal Justice

“Working at Waba Grill has been a good way of financing my education but something that's going to help me is the Pacific Life Scholarship I was awarded. Predicting how to finance my education has been a struggle and it has come to a point where I had to take out two loans. Paying back these loans is something I dread after my higher education but with the Pacific Life Scholarship, I'm able to relieve some of that financial burden.”

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