Help Us Protect Your Privacy

Pacific Life will never ask you for any type of personal information by email.

Pacific Life values your privacy.  That is why we do not request personal information via email.

If you receive an email that appears to be from Pacific Life, and the message asks you for personal information such as your social security number, account or policy number, or other sensitive information, DO NOT RESPOND or click any links in the email.

It is not from Pacific Life. It's a scam called "phishing" and it is an attempt by an internet fraudster to trick you into sharing your personal information. This type of email fraud targets customers of legitimate companies and is being used with great frequency by internet criminals.  Typically, the email warns you of some problem with an account or promotes a special offer and directs you to a website that appears to belong to a legitimate company.  In fact, the website is spoofed and any information you provide may be used fraudulently and you could become a victim of Identity Theft.

Privacy Safety Tips:

  • Keep your software (Operating  system and internet browser) up-to-date.
  • Make sure you have anti-virus software and a personal firewall enabled and current on your home PC. 
  • Be suspicious of any email that asks for personal information, requests your authentication, or indicates a problem with your Pacific Life account.
  • Be aware that legitimate companies do not ask customers to verify personal information by sending email or pop-up ads.
  • Never respond to an email asking for your credit card information.
  • Avoid sending personal and financial information by email.
  • Never click on a link in an email if you are unsure of its origins, especially if the email asks for personal financial information. 
  • If you receive a questionable email that contains Pacific Life's name or logo, do not reply by email and do not click on any links.   If you have any concerns about an email that you have received call the Pacific Life Privacy toll-free number (877) 722-7848.

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