Actuarial Careers

The work we do matters. Join our actuarial team and make a difference in your career and the lives of our policyholders.

Always Moving Forward

A career at Pacific Life is more than a job description. In addition to doing work that positively impacts the lives of our policyholders, our actuaries have opportunities to develop their careers. Whether it’s our rotational program or exam support, actuaries at Pacific Life are always moving forward.

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Actuary Student Opportunities

Our Student Actuarial Rotation Program is a comprehensive approach to helping early career actuaries build well rounded careers at Pacific Life. Students typically complete three rotations, each lasting two years, that aim to expose students to multiple functional areas, different products and technologies. At the end of the third rotation as students “graduate” from their program, they are given the opportunity to continue on in their current role or explore other opportunities within the company.

  • The Actuarial Student Program Committee is a group of actuarial students and advisors that aims to help all actuaries, whether rotating students or not, achieve their ASA and FSA designations.
  • Our Summer Actuarial Internship Program brings together actuarial students for three months and introduces them to Pacific Life culture, the insurance industry, and the work of an actuary.

Meet Yi

AVP of Risk Management

What is a typical day like for you?
When I’m not in meetings, I focus on setting project prioritization, learning about industry trends and focusing on my team’s development. I have an extremely high performing team. 

What's the most enjoyable part of your job?
The most enjoyable part is that I know the work my team does is crucial for key strategic decisions at Pacific Life.

What advice do you have for actuarial students?
Always ask yourself the story behind the numbers you produce, and how it impacts the business.

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