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Pacific Life Launches New Flagship Indexed Universal Life Insurance Product

Simplicity and Versatility Make Pacific Horizon IUL 21 an Attractive Choice 
for Affluent Clients Needing Protection and Flexibility.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – April 8, 2024 – Pacific Life Insurance Company announced today that it has introduced a new flagship indexed universal life (IUL) insurance product, aimed at affluent clients who need competitively priced life insurance protection and significant flexibility in their retirement and estate plans.

“Pacific Horizon IUL 2 is an evolutionary product, built on the most successful product features of Pacific Life’s past IUL products,” says Dawn Behnke, executive vice president, consumer markets business, Pacific Life. “With a variety of choices, Pacific Horizon IUL 2 provides financial professionals2 with the versatility to help meet their clients’ legacy, income, and business planning needs, with the simplicity of having it all within one product.”

Product highlights:

  • Competitiveness: Strong performance potential across ages and risk classes for both males and females
  • Versatility: One product, many uses—including supplemental income planning, business planning, legacy planning, and premium financing
  • Design Flexibility: Three coverage design options for a choice of higher early year cash surrender values, greater long-term accumulation potential, or a balance between the two
  • Enhanced Performance Potential: Three rider designs—including the new Plus design with a level rider charge rate—offer a potential boost to policy performance in exchange for a monthly rider charge3
  • New Fixed Charge Indexed Loan: Offers clients an indexed loan type with a guaranteed loan interest charge rate of 4.5%4
  • Guaranteed Protection: No-lapse guarantee up to age 90 included on eligible policies5 with an option to extend the guarantee up to lifetime6
  • Choice of Crediting Strategies: Five indexed accounts, including one-year, multi-year, and volatility control indexed accounts as well as a fixed account

With a tax-free7 death benefit and tax-free8 distributions to help supplement retirement income, Pacific Horizon IUL 2 can help address a lifetime of needs.

“IUL products like Pacific Horizon IUL 2 can help clients worried about having enough money to last throughout retirement by providing both death benefit coverage and cash value growth potential,” says John Church, assistant vice president, product marketing, consumer markets business, Pacific Life. “And for more affluent clients who may have different needs, this product can help prioritize tax efficiency, preserve a fulfilling legacy for their heirs, address business needs, and plan for future expenses.”

About Pacific Life
Pacific Life provides a variety of products and services designed to help individuals and businesses in the retail, institutional, workforce benefits, and reinsurance markets achieve financial security. Whether your goal is to protect loved ones or grow your assets for retirement, Pacific Life offers innovative life insurance and annuity solutions, as well as mutual funds, that provide value and financial security for current and future generations. Supporting our policyholders for more than 150 years, Pacific Life is a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Newport Beach, California. For additional company information, including current financial strength ratings, visit


Pacific Horizon IUL 2 (form series P21IUL, S23HZN2-B, S23HZN2-E, or S23HZN2-L, varies based on coverage design option and state of policy issue).

2 In order to sell life insurance, a financial professional must be a properly licensed and appointed life insurance producer.

3 Enhanced Performance Factor Rider (form series R18EPF, S23EPF, varies based on state of policy issue).

4 Fixed Charge Indexed Loan Rider (form series R23FALR, S23FALR, varies based on state of policy issue).

5 Age 90 No-Lapse Guarantee Rider (form series R22NLG, S22NLG, varies based on state of policy issue). Age 90 No-Lapse Guarantee Rider is issued with all policies electing Death Benefit Option A or B with insureds issue ages 79 and under. Paying only the Age 90 No-Lapse Premiums will guarantee the death benefit to the insured’s attained age 90 but will not guarantee cash value accumulation. If your client discontinues paying the no-lapse guarantee premiums, the no-lapse feature will terminate before the guaranteed duration. If this occurs, additional premiums in an amount equal to the shortfall can be paid to bring the no-lapse feature back in force. If policy loans or withdrawals are taken, additional premiums may be required to keep the no-lapse feature in force. Additional premiums may be required to continue the policy beyond the guaranteed duration to age 90.

6 Flexible Duration No-Lapse Guarantee Rider (form series R17FNL, S18FNL, varies based on state of policy issue). The Flexible Duration No-Lapse guarantee, depending on how your client structures their policy, has a maximum duration of the insured's lifetime, subject to certain limits. If your client’s net no-lapse guarantee value is zero, the no-lapse feature terminates. If the no-lapse feature terminates, additional premiums would be required to resume the no-lapse guarantee. If policy performance is such that your client’s policy is being maintained solely by the no-lapse guarantee, your client’s policy will not build cash value.

7 For federal income tax purposes, life insurance death benefits generally pay income tax-free to beneficiaries pursuant to IRC Sec. 101(a)(1). In certain situations, however, life insurance death benefits may be partially or wholly taxable. Situations include, but are not limited to: the transfer of a life insurance policy for valuable consideration unless the transfer qualifies for an exception under IRC Sec. 101(a)(2)(i.e. the transfer-for-value rule); arrangements that lack an insurable interest based on state law; and an employer-owned policy unless the policy qualifies for an exception under IRC Sec. 101(j).

8 For federal income tax purposes, tax-free income assumes, among other things: (1) withdrawals do not exceed tax basis (generally, premiums paid less prior withdrawals); (2) policy remains in force until death (any outstanding policy debt at time of lapse or surrender that exceeds the tax basis will be subject to tax); (3) withdrawals taken during the first 15 policy years do not cause, occur at the time of, or during the two years prior to, any reduction in benefits; and (4) the policy does not become a modified endowment contract. See IRC Sec. 72, 7702(f)(7)(B), 7702A. Any policy withdrawals, loans, and loan interest will reduce policy values and may reduce benefits.

Pacific Life Insurance Company is licensed to issue insurance products in all states except New York. Product/material availability and features may vary by state.

Pacific Life is a product provider. It is not a fiduciary and therefore does not give advice or make recommendations regarding insurance or investment products.

Insurance products and their guarantees, including optional benefits and any crediting rates, are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company, but they do not protect the value of the variable investment options. Look to the strength of the life insurance company with regard to such guarantees as these guarantees are not backed by the broker-dealer, insurance agency, or their affiliates from which products are purchased. Neither these entities nor their representatives make any representation or assurance regarding the claims-paying ability of the life insurance company.

Pacific Life, its affiliates, their distributors and respective representatives do not provide tax, accounting or legal advice. Any taxpayer should seek advice based on the taxpayer’s particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor or attorney.

The primary purpose of life insurance is to provide death benefit protection in the event of the insured’s death.

Indexed universal life insurance does not directly participate in any stock or equity investments.

Riders will likely incur additional charges and are subject to availability, restrictions and limitations. When considering a rider, request a policy illustration from your life insurance producer to see the rider’s impact on your policy’s values.

This material reflects the Pacific Life Insurance Company policy features and benefits. All policy features and benefits may not be available through some Broker Dealers.

Life insurance is subject to underwriting and approval of the application and will incur monthly policy charges.

The home office for Pacific Life Insurance Company is located in Omaha, Nebraska.


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