Sustainable Bond Framework

Our mission is to deliver superior risk-adjusted investments that provide flexible, scalable, and value-added solutions to our clients. We strive to generate sustainable, long-term returns in a balanced, responsible manner. With this in mind, we acknowledge the evolving materiality of environmental, social, and governance factors (ESG) and are increasingly integrating them into our investment decision making. Investing responsibly ties to Pacific Life’s Core Values of Accountability for our actions, Integrity to do the right thing, and making a positive impact on our Community.

A commitment to sustainable bonds

Environmental, social, and governance factors have been important to Pacific Life for many years. See how we are focusing those efforts on our Sustainability Bond.

Listening to The Future

Hear how Pacific Life developed the framework and vision for the future of our Sustainable Bonds. 

The Motion of Sustainable Bonds

Throughout our long history, Pacific Life has focused on environmental and social issues. Watch this short video to understand our commitment to ESG, and The Sustainable Bond Framework.


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