A Day in the Life: Kiriana
schedule 3 MINUTES

Kiriana is an Actuarial Analyst II in our Institutional Division at Pacific Life.

schedule 3 MINUTES
Tell us about your career path and how you got to where you are today. 

I studied Actuarial Science in college and had an internship with Pacific Life the summer before my senior year. I was lucky enough to get an offer to return after graduation and have been working at Pacific Life since then. I spent my first two years working in Variable Annuity Valuation and then rotated to my current role in Pension Risk Transfer Pricing.

What are your job responsibilities and what does a typical day look like for you?

I am responsible for working on data and assumption setting for our Pension Risk Transfer cases. A typical day might include data cleaning and analysis, communicating with our Sales team to make sure we have all the information we need, and even participating in discussions about which projects we’re going to take next. Being that each case is different than the next, my days are never the same!

What are the biggest challenges of your role?

The biggest challenge of my role is staying flexible as things change or more information presents itself, especially when working up against hard deadlines.

How has Pacific Life supported your work life balance?

Pacific Life allows me to maintain healthy boundaries between working and non-working time. I also receive great actuarial exam support, meaning I can spend less of my evenings and weekends studying.

How has Pacific Life supported your career growth and development? 

Being in the Actuarial Student Rotation Program gives me amazing opportunities to try out different facets of the profession. I have been able to experience some very different roles and learn what works best for me and my career. In those roles, I’ve always been pushed to grow and learn in a very supportive environment.

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