A Day in the Life: Rob
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Rob, AVP, Advanced Analytics and Planning, joined Pacific Life in 2018. Today, he leads teams and organizations in using data and statistics to benefit the Retirement Solutions Division and the company at large.

schedule 2 MINUTES
What is your role and what are your responsibilities?

I have the good fortune of leading the Data Analytics (DnA) team under our Digital Transformation initiative, and I have direct leadership of the RSD Center of Enablement, comprised of data scientists, visualization experts and analytics data engineers. This group adopts a “Do/Partner/Support” model where we both build models for business value and work with others to do the same. I also cross-collaborate with peers across the company to make Data Driven Decisions part of our fabric. This includes finding opportunities to partner on research, sharing of concepts and frameworks, and working on an enterprise strategy with counterparts all over the organization.

What skill do you feel is your biggest asset in performing your job?

My ability to think in a structured, agile way has been my biggest asset thus far. For many projects, our team tests tools and techniques that we haven’t previously utilized and may run into obstacles along the way. Being able to pivot when things aren’t going exactly to plan and work a problem in logical fashion has allowed us to home in on projects of value and make an impact on the business.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I love to travel abroad with my wife Andrea, take walks with our French bulldog Carson, mountain bike and enjoy all that California has to offer!

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