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Real Estate Investments

Pacific Life has a long history of successful acquisition, management and development of commercial real estate projects for its own accounts and on behalf of third party clients. In addition, Pacific Life is an experienced and highly rated special servicer currently providing troubled loan management services for CMBS portfolios and private investment portfolios.

The staff has managed both investment grade as well as foreclosed properties of all major property types located in different markets across the United States. In addition, Pacific Life has managed and resolved many troubled commercial mortgage loan cases ranging from simple uncontested foreclosures to complex, multi-borrower, multi-property bankruptcies and restructures. You may view the latest rating agency reports covering Pacific Life's special servicing capabilities via our Servicer Ratings page.

Pacific Life's Real Estate group is active in both the acquisition and sale of selected real estate properties.

For information concerning properties for sale or to obtain more information regarding our acquisition program, please visit our contacts page.