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Real Estate Investments

Pacific Life has been a provider of financing capital to the real estate markets for much of its entire history. Over the past four decades, the company has become a significant source of funding for commercial property developers and owners nationwide through its wholly owned, regional office network. In the late 1980s, Pacific Life became an active participant in the then newly-emerging market for securitized commercial real estate and mortgage investments and continues today to make substantial investments in securitized real estate investment products, both directly and through investment intermediaries.

Along with its experienced and tenured staff of lending and underwriting professionals, Pacific Life also maintains a number of specialized in-house support functions such as legal, closing and construction services, that allows the company's lending, underwriting and closing process to proceed in a quick, flexible and creative manner. The decision-making process has been structured for maximum efficiency, resulting in excellent turnaround times and the ability to react quickly to changing market conditions.

To learn more about Pacific Life's lending programs and its capital markets activities, please select either the Commercial Mortgage Origination or Real Estate Securities page.