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The website was redesigned to best be viewed on a higher screen resolution and on modern browsers that take advantage of a larger screens area. It is optimized for 1024 pixels X 860 pixels of resolution. The website also has downloadable files and interactive features that require standard add-ins in order to be viewable.

Pacific Life is dedicated to ensuring that our website is viewable and functional on all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari.  Regarding using Internet Explorer (IE), it is recommended that you use version 7 or above of IE because of the many documented 'issues' encountered using version 6 or below. It is also recommended that you update to the most current version of any browser you are using. The links below will enable you to either download or update to the most current version of each browser, and all such updates are free. Simply click on the link to their download page.


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Recommended Plug-ins and Add-ins
A number of sections and pages within our website require use of standard applications to help view, print, and save documents as well as view interactive features. This includes files in Adobe PDF format and videos and slides using Adobe Flash animations. Below are clickable links to either update or download the current version of each of these Adobe plug-ins that enhance the functionality of your browser on your computer.


 Adobe Acrobat Reader 
Many areas of the website contain files in the PDF format that help secure and retain the original document's formatting.
   Adobe Flash 
The website contains certain pages that utilize motion and sound to view slides and experience videos.