Impersonation Mode

Navigation Tips was thoughtfully redesigned for simple, logical navigation with a clean layout where all pages are available within three levels of clicks. The explanation below details use of the navigational menus and page sections on the website.


Primary Navigation
The primary navigation is made up of a dropdown menu system that is part of the global header on the website. It is consistant across all sections of the site. It contains the corporate logo on the left side, with links to three utility sections for Help, Careers, Contact Us and the Search box on the right. In the middle are three mega-menu buttons for Chart Your Course, Products & Services, and About Pacific Life.



The three primary navigation buttons above open a dropdown mega-menu that organizes the main solutions, sections, products, and pages into logical groupings. Each grouping has a heading and a set of clickable links. With a menu layout that opens wide instead of long over the Home page, this menu system allows for displaying a larger number of links all at once without being overwhelming.

Feature Billboard
On the Home page beneath the primary navigation is the feature billboard. This billboard moves in rotation, with each of the five billboards highlighting different promotional content that may be linked to learn more information. Each billboard has a message on the left side along with a complimentary image on the right.

Client Account Sign-In
On the Home page and right next to the feature billboard is the area for client account sign-in for each of our three main product groups: annuities, life insurance, and mutual funds. This will allow you to access your account information securely. Clicking on any of these three products will link you to a product main page where you will be able to enter your user name and password to access your account. There is also a client account sign-in button that is part of the secondary navigation bar within all page sections that contains a dropdown menu allowing you the same type of access from anywhere in the website.

On the Home page below the feature billboard and client account sign-in area is the area for the ribbon. This is a scrolling feature that will move left and right when the arrows on each end are clicked. When you click any of the image 'tiles' on the ribbon, you will be linked to the appropriate Chart Your Course main page. These are linked to the same pages as the mega menu dropdown in the top navigation. Each choice links to a section summary for that particular financial solution, and there are currently five types of financial topics available for review, depending upon your individual needs.

Feature Body
On the Home page, below the ribbon area is a four column section that contains highlighted content. Typically the left column contains product information for each of our three product types, along with links to those particular sections. The second column may also contain product information, in addition to links for Financial Professionals to log-in and access the extranets. The third column has information about the Pacific Life Foundation and links to learn more information. The last column has links to the latest news and press releases. The content in these four columns may be periodically updated due to activities occuring within Pacific Life.

Secondary Navigation
On all pages, with the exception of the Home page, below the primary navigation and the title bar is the secondary navigation bar. This bar contains clickable buttons for each of the main pages within each of the sections. Each button 'highlights' and changes when you 'mouseover' or click on it. On the right end of this navigation bar, with the exception of the Foundation section, is another button for the client account sign-in. When clicked, it displays a dropdown menu with either entry fields or links to the three pages for logging into and accessing your account information.

Tertiary Navigation
If sections have deeper levels of pages that cannot be accessed from secondary navigation, then a third level of navigation (tertiary) will also be visible on the right side of the content body. Here there will be additional links to structured pages beneath the subsections. Additionally, in certain tertiary navigation bars, there may be links to social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn) or other documents, like PDFs or reports (within the product sections).


Landing Pages
For each of the sections that have secondary navigation, there are landing pages that display a main column and a right column. The main column of content can be emailed or printed by clicking the small icons in the upper right. In the right column is either tertiary navigation or a four-square matrix, which includes clickable images and links to additional pages or documents. This applies in particular to the Chart Your Course section of the website.

This feature called 'breadcrumbs' or 'cookie trails' has the website follow the path of pages you click as you navigate through deeper levels of the website. It allows you to keep track of where you are at any given point, and each segment of the 'trail' is a clickable link back to any given page so you can go back to where you were before, and you can go back either one or several levels at a time by clicking anywhere along the 'trail' with your mouse.



Master Footer
At the bottom of the Home page as well as on all section landing pages and individual pages is the master footer area. This always shows the copyright information as well as links to legal information, website usage policies, and privacy policy information. In addition, within the product information sections for annuities, life insurance, and mutual funds, there may be listed additional notations, notifications, and legal disclaimers pertaining to the product or financial content page above.