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Pacific Life Foundation

In December 2015, the Pacific Life Foundation completed a $5M multiyear pledge to Conservation International as the Founding Presenting Sponsor of the Ocean Health Index.

The Index is the first and only scientific comparison of key elements from all dimensions of the ocean's health - biological, physical, economic and social - to measure how sustainably people are using the ocean. It is based on the definition that 'a healthy ocean sustainably delivers a range of benefits to people now and in the future.' The Index tracks a portfolio of goals that indicate ocean health and scores how well coastal countries and their marine territories optimize their potential ocean benefits.

In September 2016 the fifth annual Ocean Health Index Global Scores were released to the public. The overall 2016 score was 71 out of 100, unchanged from 2015 and 2014 despite incorporating improved methods and new data.

Global scores serve as a reference point for comparison and awareness; however the tool's greatest power is in country adoption. A total of twenty-four (24) countries and three (3) multi-country regions, spanning every corner of the globe, are beginning to use the Index to make fact-based decisions on how to best manage their ocean resources.

Results of such studies are able to describe regional conditions more accurately and more usefully for local policy making, management, and ocean health improvement. By repeating such studies over time in the same region, countries will be able to track the success of measures that they take to improve aspects of ocean health.

Widely recognized for its depth of information, is in the final stages of revision to optimize navigation, give easy access to all publications, data and methodology, and provide a tool, the Data Explorer, for users to experiment with the data in a dynamic, interactive way.