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Pacific Life Foundation

The Pacific Life Foundation is the Founding Presenting Sponsor of the Ocean Health Index, a collaborative project of Conservation International. Since 2011, the Foundation has provided $3 million in funding towards a pledge of $5 million for this worldwide initiative.

In simple terms, the Ocean Health Index is an annual “report card” on the condition of the world’s oceans with a score ranging from zero to 100. The Index was developed over a three-year period and engaged 65 scientists and ocean experts around the world drawing on over 100 databases. It is the first global assessment of the ocean’s capacity to thrive sustainably and to provide services to human well-being.

The Index was successfully launched in August 2012 with the publishing of a paper in Nature, a highly respected scientific journal. One component of the Index is a comprehensive website which provides full access to the methodology and raw data and carries over 60 video stories. Since the Index’s launch, 350 unique stories have been published in 28 countries with a reach totaling 205 million people. The Smithsonian Institute selected the Ocean Health Index as one of the ten most important ocean stories of 2012. The World Economic Forum named the Ocean Health Index as one of the two solutions they endorse for ensuring the ocean’s resources in the future.

The second annual global Ocean Health Index score was announced in October 2013. What do you think the current Ocean Health Index is for the world’s ocean? Click here for the answer and to learn what you can do to improve the health of the ocean.

The Pacific Life Foundation is proud to be at the forefront of this very important initiative. It is our hope that the Ocean Health Index will stimulate a focus on, and an improvement in, ocean health.