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Pacific Life Foundation


Nearly 400 online applications are submitted to the Foundation during its annual cycle and not all of them can be funded due to limited resources, the following tips are designed to help nonprofit agencies ensure their application is complete, concise, and deserving of consideration. For example:


  • If applicable, a program/project summary (outcome) of the Pacific Life Foundation grant given is the previous year is provided.
  • A list of corporate and foundation agency supporters, along with their contribution amounts is provided.
  • The line-item budget submitted for the program/project matches the total amount stated on the application form.
  • A complete audited financial report or a 990 Form is included and is less than two years old.
  • The agency's current annual budget is provided.
  • The 501 (c) (3) tax-exemption letter is included, unless the agency was previously funded by the Pacific Life Foundation.


  • The nonprofit and/or the agency serve areas where there are large concentrations of Pacific Life employees. This includes the following Southern California counties: Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino; as well as Douglas County, Nebraska, and Bedford County, Virginia.


  • The requested program/project for consideration has at least one other funder listed on the application form as committed and/or the agency lists other funders that will be solicited for support.
  • The agency demonstrates a need for funding of its project/program (e.g., less than 100% of the program budget has been funded).
  • The number of board members seems adequate (five or more) in terms of serving the needs of the agency.


  • Sectarian or denomination religious agencies demonstrate that their projects are broadly promoted, available to everyone, and free of religious orientation.
  • Board members and administrative staff related by blood or marriage are noted. The Pacific Life Foundation does not consider it good practice if the top executive of a nonprofit agency is related to the board chair or the chief financial officer.


  • For a capital grant request, a list of committed funders to the capital campaign, along with their contribution amounts is provided.
  • For a capital grant request, 50% of the fundraising goal has been pledged or committed.

Note: Even a perfectly prepared application and a well-deserved need can be declined for funding as the process is very competitive.