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Pacific Life Foundation

Pacific Life Foundation
700 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660-6397

Telephone: (949) 219-3214

Foundation Directors

  • Thomas D Billiard, Assistant Vice President, Investment Management
  • David R. Finear, Assistant Vice President, Real Estate Investments, Real Estate Division
  • Luther N. Martin, Sr. Annuity Product Coordinator, Retirement Solutions Division 
  • Chris van Mierlo, Chief Marketing Officer, Retirement Solutions Division
  • James T. Morris, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Tennyson S. Oyler, Vice President, Brand Management & Public Affairs
  • Carol R. Sudbeck, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
  • Michele A. Townsend, Community Relations Director, Public Affairs
  • Dawn M. Trautman, Senior Vice President, IT & Strategic Planning, Life Insurance Division
  • Madhu Vijay, Senior Vice President and Treasurer, Aviation Capital Group
  • Rebecca Warwar, Director, Corporate Information Technology

Foundation Officers

  • James T. Morris, Chairman
  • Carol R. Sudbeck, Vice Chairman
  • Tennyson S. Oyler, President
  • Michele A. Townsend, Vice President
  • Edward R. Byrd, Chief Financial Officer
  • Joseph J. Tortorelli, General Counsel
  • Jane M. Guon, Secretary
  • Marryn D. Santucci, Assistant Secretary