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Charting Your Financial Course

Have you avoided planning because you don’t want to face certain issues involving your business? It’s easy not to think about challenging issues such as retiring, transitioning to a lesser role in your business, or facing your own mortality. But putting off planning and ignoring these issues isn’t going to give you peace of mind. Here are some questions you may be asking yourself:

  • How can I ensure my business will continue to thrive when I’m not around?
  • How do I successfully transition the ownership of the business?
  • How can my business help me provide for my retirement?
  • How will the business provide for my family if something should happen to me?

Pacific Life’s products can help you answer these questions.

For some business owners, the realities of today’s business climate drive home the inherent risks of the "default" plan of "sell the business":

  • An unpredictable selling price for the business;
  • Uncertainty of whether there will be a "ready" and "qualified buyer" for the business; and
  • Potential problems with buyers meeting their financing obligations.

Imagine using your business to help you accomplish your goals for retirement, perpetuating a family business, or successfully transitioning it to your key employees. Ask a financial/life insurance professional how Pacific Life’s range of products can help you achieve just that.