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“From your first day as an intern, you become part of the Pacific Life experience where you are not only involved with significant projects, but you encounter many opportunities to learn about the roles of teams throughout the whole company. The actuarial internship is truly one of a kind because at all times, you are in an environment where you can network with people at all levels and your main focus is on personal and career development.”
  – Jared L., 2016 Intern

“My internship not only solidified my desire to be an actuary, but also gave me the tools needed to excel in the field. From the start I was surrounded by friends, peers and managers alike, who were genuinely invested in teaching me how to be a successful actuary. The program provided me with real world projects that were satisfying to work on and see implemented in the company. Overall, the friendships and the experiences that I developed during my summer at Pacific Life were invaluable to where I am today!”
  – Sawyer B., 2016 Intern

“The actuarial internship program at Pacific Life was a wonderful experience for me as an actuarial student. Over the course of 3 months, we had the opportunity to learn about a variety of roles that actuaries play in the company including product design, valuation, risk management, modeling, etc. This is definitely a great program for anyone who wants to make the first step in their actuarial career.”
– Tom N., 2016 Intern

“The internship program provided me with an opportunity to work on meaningful projects, network with various members of upper-management and improve as a working professional. On top of that, my fellow interns and I were able to get exposure to the different actuarial departments within Pacific Life. The entire experience was incredible and it certainly prepared me for the actuarial profession.”
  – Melissa D., 2014 Intern

“My internship experience at Pacific Life can be divided into two equally important parts: education and work. The education offered by Pacific Life Academy helped me with the smooth transition from college classes to a professional environment, while the work at Pacific Life introduced me to the real actuarial world.”
– Allen W., 2014 Intern


“During the summer, I was lucky enough to work directly with more than 10 people from different teams. People at Pacific Life are very friendly and it wasn’t intimidating to reach out to senior-level actuarial and management for questions and guidance. ”
– Frank Z., 2014 Intern


On my first day, I was already working on an important project and learning to use tools I'd never seen before. I really feel like part of the team!

– Michael L., 2012 Intern



“Pacific Life skillfully puts together a group of the best and brightest interns. Working with them on a group project was definitely one of the biggest highlights of my summer."
– Daniel T., 2012 Intern



“The mentorship program has significantly contributed to my professional growth during my internship. My mentors truly care about my progress and provide the support needed."
– Jamie K., 2012 Intern



“With offices in Newport Beach and Aliso Viejo, you are guaranteed to be working in paradise. I particularly enjoyed lunchtime walks with clear skies, bright sunshine, and sea breezes."
– Eric S., 2012 Intern



“I enjoy the challenges involved in my job. I love learning and having the opportunity to master complex tasks, and I take pleasure in working on significant projects. However, above all else, I truly appreciate the people I work with at Pacific Life.”
– Lisa J., 2010 Intern



“I came to Pacific Life as a summer actuarial intern and I started working part-time at the conclusion of the internship. After six months, I was offered a full-time position. In addition to workshops, e-learning and on-the-job training, my managers offer great advice and encouragement to pursue the actuarial exams.”
– Snehal P., 2010 Intern



“The people at Pacific Life have shown a true commitment to helping my growth as a professional actuary. In 5 months, I have progressed from an intern with no experience in the variable annuity industry to professional on a team actively pricing brand new products and creating presentations for senior management.”
– Trevor B., 2011 Intern



“The company offers a great actuarial student program to support actuaries passing their exams and attaining Fellowships in this profession. I am very pleased to get a real work-life balance here and the work hours are flexible.”
– Owen M., 2011 Intern



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