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On my first day, I was already working on an important project and learning to use tools I'd never seen before. I really feel like part of the team!
– Michael L., 2012 Intern



“Pacific Life skillfully puts together a group of the best and brightest interns. Working with them on a group project was definitely one of the biggest highlights of my summer."
– Daniel T., 2012 Intern



“The mentorship program has significantly contributed to my professional growth during my internship. My mentors truly care about my progress and provide the support needed."
– Jamie K., 2012 Intern



“With offices in Newport Beach and Aliso Viejo, you are guaranteed to be working in paradise. I particularly enjoyed lunchtime walks with clear skies, bright sunshine, and sea breezes."
– Eric S., 2012 Intern



“I enjoy the challenges involved in my job. I love learning and having the opportunity to master complex tasks, and I take pleasure in working on significant projects. However, above all else, I truly appreciate the people I work with at Pacific Life.”
– Lisa J., 2010 Intern



“I came to Pacific Life as a summer actuarial intern and I started working part-time at the conclusion of the internship. After six months, I was offered a full-time position. In addition to workshops, e-learning and on-the-job training, my managers offer great advice and encouragement to pursue the actuarial exams.”
– Snehal P., 2010 Intern



“The people at Pacific Life have shown a true commitment to helping my growth as a professional actuary. In 5 months, I have progressed from an intern with no experience in the variable annuity industry to professional on a team actively pricing brand new products and creating presentations for senior management.”
– Trevor B., 2011 Intern



“The company offers a great actuarial student program to support actuaries passing their exams and attaining Fellowships in this profession. I am very pleased to get a real work-life balance here and the work hours are flexible.”
– Owen M., 2011 Intern



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