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About Pacific Life

For more than 146 years, Pacific Life has been helping to protect individuals and families from financial risks that can affect their investments, retirement savings, and businesses. Pacific Life offers life insurance, annuities, and mutual funds, with a variety of investment products and services, all of which provide. . .The Power to Help You Succeed.

A Mutual Holding Company

Pacific Life Insurance Company’s organization is relatively unique as we are part of a mutual holding company structure:

  • Policy and contract owners are members of the company.
  • We are not a publicly traded company; therefore, we are not driven by stock price when making decisions.

As a result, we can make decisions that benefit our customers and the long-term strength of the company. Our structure allows us to develop innovative products that evolve with the needs of the families and businesses we serve. Our support goes beyond just product innovation; we select businesses and markets that we understand well, can excel in, and provide value to our customers.

Consistent Performance

Focused on quality assets and capital growth, Pacific Life continues to be financially strong. Our investment portfolio historically produces consistent results while maintaining low exposure to non-investment-grade securities and other  high-risk assets. Pacific Life maintains strong financial strength ratings from all major ratings agencies.

Risk Management

Pacific Life commits to maintaining internal controls that provide reasonable assurance that assets are safeguarded and transactions are properly executed and recorded. Effective risk management entails several key disciplines:

  • Skills and expertise of the finance and risk-management committee.
  • Prudent hedging strategies.
  • Solid reinsurance relationships.
  • Innovative and consumer-focused product design.