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About Pacific Life

Green Initiatives

Pacific Life is committed to reducing its environmental impact and has a variety of earth-friendly initiatives underway as it "goes green." A few of these initiatives include:

  • Providing the option for policyholders to receive electronic account statements and the e-delivery of required mailings.
  • Designing, upgrading, and retrofitting Pacific Life facilities to incorporate green concepts and technology, including high energy efficiency lighting, heating, and cooling systems, as well as utilizing sustainable materials.
  • Proactive electronic waste, paper, cardboard, battery, bottle, and can recycling programs.
  • Installing water-saving devices, utilizing drought-tolerant plants, and moderating watering schedules to reduce water consumption.
  • Reducing overall energy consumption during peak hours in the summer months.
  • Using green products certified by the "Green Clean Institute" when cleaning Pacific Life's buildings.
  • Providing eco-friendly paper and recyclable plastics at all Pacific Life dining facilities.
  • Supporting nonprofits engaged in environmental stewardship, especially within our marine environments.


Sustainability by the Numbers

As part of its commitment to reducing environmental impact, Pacific Life has initiated a series of programs nationwide designed to improve sustainability practices company-wide.   

At the corporate headquarters in Newport Beach, California, Pacific Life recently planted drought-tolerant landscaping around the building, saving more than 350,000 gallons of water a year. Touchless faucets have also been installed in the company’s California offices in Newport Beach and Also Viejo, as well as Omaha, Nebraska. 

In addition, both the Aliso Viejo and Newport Beach offices have saved more than four million watts of electricity combined since 2009 through the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting system upgrades, automated garage exhaust fans, seasonal electrical load shedding, and several optimizations to air conditioning systems. Pacific Life’s gas consumption in both California offices has also been nearly cut in half since 2009 thanks to enhancements to the buildings’ water heating systems as well as kitchen equipment upgrades.

All of these ongoing projects are helping to propel Pacific Life into a more sustainable future. “Being able to see our sustainability efforts come to fruition is exciting and rewarding,” said Chris Hibler, director of facilities, corporate, Pacific Life. “And we won’t stop here. There are several other developments in place to help us keep moving forward toward an even more green future.”

A recent look into Pacific Life’s sustainability efforts below reveal just how much they’ve paid off – both for the company and the environment.