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About Pacific Life

Pacific Life is committed to reducing its environmental impact and has a variety of earth-friendly initiatives underway as it "goes green". A few of these initiatives include:

  • Providing the option for policyholders to receive electronic account statements and the e-delivery of required mailings.
  • Designing and constructing a new office to incorporate green concepts and technology, including high energy efficiency lighting, heating, and cooling systems, as well as sustainable materials.
  • Proactive electronic waste, bottle & can recycling, and trash recycling programs.
  • Landscaping with drought-tolerant plants to reduce water consumption.
  • Reducing overall energy consumption during peak hours in the summer months.
  • Using green products certified by the "Green Clean Institute" when cleaning Pacific Life's buildings.
  • Providing eco-friendly paper and recyclable plastics at all Pacific Life dining facilities.
  • Supporting nonprofits engaged in environmental stewardship, especially within our marine environments.