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About Pacific Life

The Power of Pacific.

What is the Power of Pacific? It represents the things that matter most to us when we are thinking about our future:

  • Retirement and life insurance solutions tailored to you
  • Having the confidence to create the future that's most meaningful to you
  • Protection for generations for families
  • 150 years of strength and stability beside you

The Power of Pacific advertising campaign touches human emotions through three different stories that focus on the meaningful experiences you can have and how Pacific Life can connect you to those experiences. Watch for Pacific Life advertising on network and cable television, featuring compelling visual storytelling that connects to the iconic humpback whale and all that it can mean to you.

The Power of Pacific campaign is integrated across TV and digital channels including display, video, social media, and Pacific Life-owned digital channels. National TV advertising includes college football on ABC and ESPN, golf, network evening news on ABC, NBC, and CBS, 60 Minutes and Sunday Morning on CBS, Closing Bell and Squawk Box on CNBC, and This Week and Shark Tank on ABC. 

View our commercials below or on our YouTube channel.


  About Our Commercials  

"Power of Pacific: Meaningful Moments" - What does it mean to be able to harness the Power of Pacific? We answer that question by seeing the many wonderful moments that can fulfill a retirement journey and by connecting those moments to Pacific Life. Having the confidence to create the future that’s most meaningful to you. That’s the Power of Pacific.

"Power of Pacific: Meaningful Moments"
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"Ingredients of a Live Well-Lived" - The ingredients of a life well-lived is protecting the people who matter most. The dining room represents the heart of the home for many families, but it’s the people who fill it that make life meaningful. Life insurance and retirement solutions for protecting what matters most. That’s the Power of Pacific.

"Ingredients of a Live Well-Lived"
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"Game Plan" - Some moments can change everything, but you can always game plan for them. Having a plan in place can prepare you for wherever life leads. A shared love of football creates a special bond between two college students and leads them down a path that brings them back to campus twenty years later. See their story.

"Game Plan"
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"Choices" - "Fifty years ago, humpback whales were nearly extinct." An inspiring story about whales underscores the positive impact of a decision.

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"Flukes" - "Like a human fingerprint, no two whale flukes are the same." This compelling insight links to solutions offered by Pacific Life.

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"Tail Slaps" - "Tail Slaps" – This commercial connects with sports enthusiasts using a college sports-themed idea. The storytelling is purely though audio-visual play of whales breaching, tail slapping, and moving to the beat of an original fight song themed score that has achieved recognition among college football viewers.

"Tail Slaps"
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