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About Pacific Life

Pacific Life and Humpback Whales.

Watch for Pacific Life advertising on network and cable television, featuring beautiful visual storytelling through humpback whales that link to the financial solutions we offer. These commercials debuted in September at the start of regular season college football on ABC and ESPN networks. Pacific Life also advertises on PGA golf, evening and weekend news programs, and on select prime time shows such as “NCIS” on CBS.

View our commercials below or on our YouTube channel.


  About Our Commercials  

"Flukes" - "Like a human fingerprint, no two whale flukes are the same." This compelling insight links to solutions offered by Pacific Life.

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"Sparklers" - At a family’s beachside gathering, a man reflects on the love and dedication passed down from his parents, while he hopes to do the same for the future of his children.

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"Tail Slaps" - "Tail Slaps" – This commercial connects with sports enthusiasts using a college sports-themed idea. The storytelling is purely though audio-visual play of whales breaching, tail slapping, and moving to the beat of an original fight song themed score that has achieved recognition among college football viewers.

"Tail Slaps"
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"Choices" - "Fifty years ago, humpback whales were nearly extinct." An inspiring story about whales underscores the positive impact of a decision.

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"Softball" - A strong bond between father and daughter is shown through the perspective of the father, as he considers the importance of taking care of the next generation.

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