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About Pacific Life

Pacific Life. The Power to Help You Succeed.

Watch for Pacific Life's commercials on network and cable television. The humpback whales featured in our advertising represent strength, focus, and guidance – qualities that are core to Pacific Life's business of helping individuals plan for a more financially secure future.

In addition to college football games on ABC/ESPN, Pacific Life has a presence in golf events such as the Honda Classic and the British Open. Our program lineup for network TV and cable TV includes primetime dramas “Blue Bloods,” “NCIS,” and “NCIS LA” on CBS. Our advertising also appears on “60 Minutes” on CBS, on ABC news programs "This Week" and "Good Morning America," and on a variety of cable primetime programs on the Food Network, History Channel, and HGTV.

View our commercials below or on our YouTube channel.

  About Our Commercials  

"College" - A college girl's hopes for the future are brightened as she reflects on a pact she made with her parents to work hard to get good grades. In return, her mom and dad fulfill their promise to plan smartly, which enables her to go to the college of her choice.

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"Footprints" - A mother reflects on the legacy that her father left for her - a life lesson on setting goals and then making smart choices.

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"Destinations" - A recently retired couple on a sailing journey to a beautiful island is symbolic of the planning and guidance needed to achieve a successful retirement.

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"Fishing" - A daughter turns to her father for advice on how to retire comfortably as they enjoy a fishing trip together. Planning, sound advice, and a guaranteed income for life from Pacific Life was the solution for her dad's retirement. "Fishing" began airing September 2012.

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"Migratory Journey" - As the ad title suggests, everyone is on a journey. This ad makes a connection between humpback whales on their migratory journey and - for people - the journey to financial independence through all of the stages of your life. Pacific Life can help protect and grow the assets you need to create a financially independent future. "Migratory Journey" began airing September 2012.

"Migratory Journey"
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"Blueprints" - A blueprint for a family's boat becomes a metaphor for creating a financial plan that can help leave a legacy for loved ones. This ad features a man building a boat from start to finish. He begins with a blueprint and progresses through the different stages of construction and ends with the culmination of the entire family enjoying their first ride together on the boat while whales breach and swim nearby. "Blueprints" began airing September 2012.

"Blueprints - 30 sec."
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"Tail Slaps" - Humpback whales powerfully break through the water's surface by slapping their tails, slapping their pectoral fins, and by breaching. "Tail Slaps" debuted in September of 2008. This ad features the popular sports-themed "Pacific Life Fight Song."

"Tail Slaps"
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