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About Pacific Life

James T. Morris, FSA - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Mary Ann Brown, FSA - Executive Vice President, Corporate
Darryl D. Button - Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Adrian S. Griggs - Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Carol R. Sudbeck - Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer
Edward R. Byrd - Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer
Joseph E. Celentano - Senior Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management & Chief Risk Officer
Sharon A. Cheever - Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Thomas Gibbons - Senior Vice President, Corporate Treasury, Tax, and Enterprise Consulting
Howard Hirakawa - Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor Operations
Tod Nasser - Senior Vice President, Investment Management
Tony Premer- Senior Vice President, Real Estate Investments
Richard Vrieling - Senior Vice President, Corporate Information Technology

Life Insurance Division
Dawn M. Trautman - Executive Vice President, Life Insurance Division

Retirement Solutions Division
Dewey P. Bushaw - Executive Vice President, Retirement Solutions Division
Kevin R. Byrne - Senior Vice President, Finance and Risk Management

Lorene Gordon - Senior Vice President, Operations & Program Management Office
Philip A. Teeter - Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Chris van Mierlo - Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President, Sales
Brian T. Woolfolk - Senior Vice President, Product Design

Aviation Capital Group
Khanh T. Tran - Chief Executive Officer

Pacific Life Re
David Howell, FSA - Chief Executive Officer