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About Pacific Life

Message from Pacific Life’s CEO, James T. Morris

I am pleased to introduce the Code of Business Conduct: It’s My Responsibility. The Code brings together values, principles, and policies and reinforces the concept that everyone at Pacific Life is charged with an individual responsibility to carry out our business activities in accordance with the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Pacific Life operates under the guidance of values such as honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and respect. Our values-based approach to business is an important element of both our continued success and our corporate culture. All of us have a duty to exemplify such values in all of our business activities.

Our principles serve as the cornerstones of our Code. The Four Principles of Integrity are Ethical Conduct, Professional Conduct, Protection and Proper Use of Information and Systems, and Compliance with Laws, Regulations, Policies, and Procedures.

Our policies are composed of clear statements that unequivocally affirm our commitment to high standards of ethical business conduct. The policies also include our specific responsibilities, which are presented as detailed guidance to assist us in our continuing efforts to do the right thing, ethically and legally.

To fully understand our company and its commitment to doing the right thing, I encourage you to review our Code Of Business Conduct: It's My Responsibility. We believe that this document is just as important as the business-related information found elsewhere on this site.