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About Pacific Life

David Oaten
Managing Director
Pacific Global Advisors

Northern Rivers College, Australia
    Bachelors of Business

Business History
Mr. Oaten is responsible for all of Pacific Global Advisors' operations. He joined Pacific Global Advisors from J.P. Morgan where he was a Managing Director, founder, and head of J.P. Morgan's Pension Advisory Group in North America. Mr. Oaten recognized the need for holistic risk management advice and expertise in the corporate defined benefit space and founded the Pension Advisory Group in 2005 with the vision of providing expertise across multiple disciplines to clients in a conflict-free manner. He sought and successfully obtained in 2006 Department of Labor Advisory Opinion 2006-08A which catalyzed the use of liability driven investing ("LDI") approaches to managing defined benefit pension assets.

Prior to founding the Pension Advisory Group in 2005, Mr. Oaten ran the North American Corporate Structured Products and Derivatives Marketing group, and had over 16 years of experience with J.P. Morgan.

Institute of Chartered Accountants (Australia), member